Supporting CitaDAO Contributors

As we continue to make the transition from a start-up to a fully functional DAO, growing the CitaDAO community and contributors that support us are going to be essential for the long term success of CitaDAO. Many of you may have never contributed to a DAO or participated in governance for a DAO. We want to personally invite you into CitaDAO to be a part of what will become the future of tokenized real estate on-chain.

To do this, we’re working hard to create opportunities to get involved, build project together and collaborate. To re-enforce our commitment, we’ve are officially allocating 1M KNIGHT per month for CitaDAO contributors. We’ve actively looking at the best ways to use this amount. There are currently 2 main ways contributors can get involved.

Ways to contribute

DeWork Bounty Board

This is a Web3 native Trello board that can be used as a bounty board for DAO communities. The aim of this is to help make it easier for the community to contribute to CitaDAO. Some of the advantages of the DeWork Bounty board are:

  • Sign in with Discord - Instead of email, contributors can use their existing discord account to sign into the bounty board. In addition, their username stays consistent on both the bounty board and discord channel.
  • Easier rewarding mechanisms - This will help streamline the process of rewarding contributors as they can connect their wallet to the web app to receive payment.
  • Add bounty channel on Discord - This means that all new bounties will be posted automatically to discord

To contribute, visit our DeWork board and claim a task - DeWork Task Board
Need help? Just drop us a message on the discord contributor chat.

RealFi Substack

RealFi Substack is CitaDAO’s Bi-Weekly Newsletter - The RealFi newsletter aims to provide a constant source of quality content on real estate tokenization and investing, acting as a leader in the space. We’ll cover news highlights in the RealFi space, for audiences such as real estate professionals, crypto natives, DAOs and investors. We’ll also include deep dives into CitaDAO and other projects in the space.

Check out the newsletter here -

To contribute, you can become a CitaDAO writer and have your article seen by the entire CitaDAO community. Details on how to get involved are here - Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
You can also drop us a message on discord and we’ll help you through the entire process.


Here at CitaDAO, we’re striving to create an open and collaborate community and we’re excited to invite you to become a part of it.

I’m personally available via calendly for anyone that would like a personal introduction to CitaDAO and how to get involved. -

So please reach out. We’re happy you’ve found us and this is just the beginning of what’s in store for CitaDAO.