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Introduce yourself, summarise why you’re interested in CitaDAO and your ideas how we should grow the community.


pujimak_in from Malaysia. Currently a core contributor from Index Coop, leading Asia + Pacific Regional Expansion.

What brings me to CitaDAO? I personally encountered them i think firstly in a blockchain masterclass from AWS… then 2nd interaction through DeFI Desk AMA session.

What sold me is the vision and mission of CitaDAO in redefining real estate industry… making real estate easy, simple and accessible… which I believe there will be the next wave of decentralised space… as we have DeFi… GameFi… I think DeRE (Decentralised Real Estate) is gonna be the next big thing… really using the technology behind NFT into this.

In terms of ideas and how should we grow… i really feel that as much fast pace this crypto space is, we really need to create a solid foundation first… as it’s not about being the first into the market… but entering the market by doing it right. So for me… creating the right culture is really important for me. Questions i pounder myself…

How do we create a DAO that at its core is an Infinite game in nature; but also create an environment that invites infinite players in the space.

What can we learn from successful DAOs (Olympus, Index, Bankless) and mould it into our own style and way in running things as a DAO.

Where do we align our own personal (contributors) agendas with the broader CitaDAO BHAG (big hairy audacious goals)?

This are some questions… which I do also invite others to start thinking and hopefully find a path forward to this. Personally for me… I think once we get a sense and alignment of those questions… then we can technically plan how we can grow the community.

Anyways super excited for CitaDAO and hoping to contribute in any way I can.



Hey Citadians,
Monish016 from India, Currently a Community Builder, Open Web Sandbox Guild Moderator within Near Ecosystem, also Associated with Various Projects on Near Ecosystem.

Firstly, a DEFI Lover , Used Various Platforms Defi, Been Ambassador for SheepDex.
When i First Heard Citadao with Real Estate Backing on chain, Really loved the idea. as @pujimak_in stated yes this is Gonna be the Next Big thing. Utilizing the Real World assets backing or Pegged Token.

Looking Forward to Contribute on Social Media Management, Content Creation, Marketing Strategist, Transaltor and What Not. Love to be here

Thank you
TG: MonishMuralidharan


Hi everyone,

MAK here from the UK. Developer in TradFi by day and crypto Degen by night. Currently contribute to engineering at IndexCoop via the Wizardry Working Group. After my time at Index, my view on DAOs changed. I’ve seen that it’s possible for DAOs to function at scale and this is exciting.

Why CitaDAO? - We’re so early. The most successful DAOs in the space are only about a year old. The token economy is coming and we’re all emerging leaders in this new space. I was introduced to CitaDAO through a podcast at Index. When Joel described the potential of real estate tokens, I became inspired. The accessibility and compatibility of real estate token makes CitaDAO unique. These attributes mean that the applications that could be built upon CitaDAO are endless.

How do we grow the community?
Corporations have no choice but to put profits over community.

  1. Purpose-driven Actions - We have an opportunity here to demonstrate to the world a viable alternative to the massive profit-seeking, quarterly earnings corporations we have. To run organisations that are not beholden to shareholder and Wall Street alike. We can demonstrate what it looks like when an organisation puts its community first.
    I believe the best way we can attract talent, capital, partnerships and resources is that we must demonstrate that we’re a community driven, socially responsible and value sharing organisation. We must provide an alternative to the status quo. We do this through purpose given actions. I think the Hacker house idea will be one of many ways that we can support the community.

  2. Operations - For organisations to successfully run at scale requires processes, systems and tools. I believe it will be important as we grow, that we have the right procedures and tools in place. As this space is so new, there’s no such thing as best practices yet. Unlike other DAOs out there, we’re responsible for managing real world assets. We can’t afford to have chaos in coordination and communication, as the consequences can be severe. Both retail and institutional investor are putting their trust in us to manage their assets. We must demonstrate our competence as a organisation to maintain that trust.

  3. Education - Understanding crypto, DAOs and NFTs is hard enough. As someone in crypto, it took a while before I understood how CitaDAO works. This will be one the biggest challenges going forward. Investors don’t invest in things that they don’t understand (Degens aside). Our ability to educate will be essential for both new investors and contributors. We also want to leverage the talent that enter our community. Make it easy for them to get involved and ensure they get rewarded. Both steps will be very important.

This is an exciting time. CitaDAO is the rocket. So put your seat belt on, because we’re going on a ride. :rocket:


Hi Everyone -

Degeno from Canada - I have been with CitaDAO project for a while now and totally love the concept and what we are trying to achieve.

My day trade is in commercial real estate financing and I witness many encumbrances/ difficulties revolving around each transaction. It has always been my dream to change that status quo on Real Estate being location, location and location - for the first time we are seeing that not only location can benefit the real estate but also the use cases and expanded global access to equity. Interesting time will come for sure.

How do we grow our community? Even though we are in the DeFi space, some of the TraFi experiences can still apply - particular true in growing our community.

1. Education - DeFi can be difficult to understand for TraFi participants - thus drawing from their experiences in the TraFi space to educate them in the DeFi space can be a good start. For example, doing mortgages on-chain vs off-chain, index-fund on-chain vs off-chain. Drawing analogies in a simple yet powerful way can be an effective educational tool.

2. Targeted Marketing - to both landlords and participants - We have been doing fantastic job marketing to participants but one of the many very important aspects to grow this community is that we need to have quality assets and landlords - I think this is an area we can shift our focus to. The goal is to have both landlords and participants ape about the project.

3. Create a sense of belonging - As a DAO, we will need all the talents we can have - maybe lets setup an organization structure and similar to what MAK has suggested do-up weekly stand-ups and actionable items as well as measures for success. It is very important that we treat the DAO works seriously just as how we would approach our dayworks. Eventually, we will have the DAO works replace our dayworks for everyone who care enough the development of the DAO.

Real estate is the cornerstone of all economic activities. To have DeFi conquers this, we are opening the door for mainstream adoption - Lets all together build this up and witness for ourselves of what maybe the single greatest achievement in our lifetime.

To the moon everyone,



Hola Community!

I’m Alex from Mexico, ex CTO for LatAm for a Fortune500 company, and 4 tech startups (Europe, SE Asia & LatAm) in the last 5 years from ideation to series A and have advised numerous early stage ventures on strategy, ops and GTM; have been building online communities since the early 2010s and helped set London’s tech ecosystem.

So CitaDAO for me is a bit of the culmination of everything I’ve been working in the last 13 years. I’m an urban planner, tech entrepreneur and venture builder. Bridging the real estate world with web3 makes so much sense to truly empower the community as owners in a decentralised way. As a current lead for a fractional real estate project powered by crypto, it only makes sense to jump into this initiative and see it through its growth.


I believe the DAO should grow in the following ways:

  • Continue the organic and “paid” for growth of the community through current and other digital channels
  • Set clear metrics to measure this growth across channels and track accrodingly in a transparent way
  • Set clear roles for eager collaborators to capitalise on each expertise and added value
  • Analyse the existing ecosystem in target markets to build strategic partnerships that enable faster go to market, growth in portfolio and community; what current initiatives can we leverage from and where can we collaborate to complement and grow with other DAOs
  • Clear a definition of the biggest risks faced by the proposal and actions to mitigate; legal being the biggest once the the DAO goes beyond Commonwealth regulation
  • Set clear actionables for tor each of the deliverables per quarter, perhaps set global OKRs that we can cascade per Nest and further on

On a personal capacity I’d like to:

  • Continue learnign from fantastic people and DAOs
  • Help structure the DAO and the DAOops
  • Help further the DAO’s footprint in other markets LatAM and Europe
  • Help on the top level architecture and data structures
  • Help devise legal set-up for non-commonweatlh jurisdictions
  • Hype and grow the community in current and other digital channels; am a writer on my spare time so can offer copywriting time in Spanish and English in Quora, Medium, Twitter, SteemIT, etc
  • Explore additional synergies with existing web3 platforms (CityDAO, etc) and/or offer DAO as a service
  • Help fundraising and talking to VCs within my network

Most imporant of all, actively promoting the model of the DAO and grow with the community from around the globe.

Looking forward to growing this amazing initiative!


Hi Everyone,

BX here I am from Singapore, was introduced to this project just a month ago by a friend and was intrigued with the concept of tokenisation of real estates. I am pretty new to DeFi and DAO and was exploring this space so CitaDAO is actually the first project that I have encountered dealing with real estate. Personally I have had some experience investing in real estates and I like how it can used to preserve capital and hedge against inflation especially in the current economic climate so having DAO and real estate in the same bag attracted me.

As I explore further I understand that there is a 2 way bridge between the Real Estate Token holders to redeem the underlying real estate which enhances the legitimacy for the Real Estate Token and also creates a floor price since there is a legitimate ownership of real world asset, which is big thing to me as I have seen tokens dipping in value and never recovering due to lack of utility/legitimacy causing massive losses, a position no investor wants to be in.

I believe we can grow our community by upholding qualities such as trustworthiness, sustainability, transparency and delivering what was promised. As long as we continue to deliver what was promised and being trustworthy, we can naturally grow by word of mouth from current community members who have had a good experience. Sustainability is key as we want to be involved in the project in the long run as we grow the community so we need to find quality properties with good rental yields to deliver a sustainable attractive token yield.

We need to differentiate ourselves from other projects since there are so many out there – we need to market on our strengths so that will be real estate and legitimate ownership of the real estate. A legal letter proving legitimacy of the structure would be useful to give those who are interested a peace of mind.

We can also incentivise community members to invite their friends or families into the community by giving NFTs or tokens to those who invite the most. We would need to educate some of these new joiners via AMAs as they could be new to blockchain/crypto space. I personally was involved in real estate investment groups and I know they are sceptical about blockchain/crypto and some actually believes bitcoin is a pyramid scheme. Although bitcoin itself has minimal utility we need to educate them on the uses of other tokens and how it could disrupt current industries.

Lastly, if possible perhaps we could target real estate investment groups around the world and given that they have interest in real estate investment naturally they would be more open to real estate on chain.


Hi there,

After going through all the introductions in the thread. I cant be more excited to join and actively contribute to the success of the CITADAO.

So i would like to introduce you with my screen name that is VITRUVIUS who happens to be a civil engineer and a philosopher from the ancient rome.

However This VITRUVIUS resides in India’s national capital. The motivation to make Vitruvius my screen name is from the fact that I have a graduated in Civil Engineering and been part of the Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industry for the last 10 years.

Got Crypto pilled in 2016 due to my sheer interest in economics and curiosity to learn more about how things works under the surface. From there onwards never turned back. I hodl through the euphoria of the 2017 Bull run. Felt like an idiot althrough the Bear market from 2018-2020.

I am also a contributor to index-coop APAC initiative.

Real-Estate is very close to my heart & mind as it forms a part of the AEC industry. Nations GDP depend upon the AEC industries, Its one of the largest job creators in any country. Its now more important than ever to have an efficient real estate market.

One of the key reason that is hampering growth in the real - estate market in my opinion is the valuation of the propertities which is getting out of reach for any individual purchasing power.

Which is makes me believe that the shared ownership of real estate enabled from fractionalizing the properties in form of tokens is the most logical solution and is an idea whos time has come.

Tokenizing Real estate will also make it possible to create a secondary market so that the price discovery and unlocking the value from the properties can be realised.

We should remind ourself that the 2008 housing crisis has let to many been into under water with purchase in the emerging market. i can tell you that there isnt mush appreciation in the properties prices as they bought into the speculation which got burst. Many developers got rekt due to the liquidity crunch that followed. Even though they had great properties in the portfolio. However they were not able to flip on time due to lack of secondary market. CITADAO could fill that vacuum in the real estate market.

Really Citadao makes me excited and wonder what all can be achieved with such a wonderful idea.


GM. I’m super interested in being involved with bringing together the worlds of De-FI and real estate. I have an extensive background in marketing, instructional design, and real estate investing. I’m a contributor to Bankless DAO and am incredibly excited for the possibilities and opportunities that crypto, De-Fi and web3 are unlocking in so many areas. Let’s talk about how I can help with CitaDAO.


This is huangnanlv. It’s a great honor to learn about citadao. Virtual real estate is very attractive. In the real world, the gap between the rich and the poor is too large. The rich have rich areas and the poor live in poor areas. I hope virtual real estate can change this situation and narrow the gap between people in the virtual world. I think one place I have to mention about developing communities is China, As far as I know, China has a very large number of blockchain users. If a project wants to go far, I think it is difficult to bypass China. Like China’s population,blockchain users are developing rapidly in China. I think it is necessary to expand their influence in China. Coincidentally, I happen to be a Chinese and have my own community. My community has 5K people. I believe I can well introduce the project to all community partners


Hi everyone,

InvalidUser from Singapore and I have approximately 10 years of real estate working experience across property sectors including office, retail, industrial and residential. I am currently working as a real estate consultant for a boutique Australian firm. Typical project scope include undertaking research, financial modelling and providing advice to clients on a range of matters including property investment, development scheme assessment and feasibility studies. Previously, I have worked at a national planning authority, a Fortune 500 real estate services provider and started a failed start-up in the property and education industry.

I am interested to be more involved with the team on the strategic aspects beside community management. I was introduced to CitaDAO by a friend from the same industry and am fascinated with the sheer amount of opportunities for properties in the on-chain space. I am involved in the community management at CitaDAO. In addition, I have assisted with English-Chinese transalation, graphical design/map creation for the property factsheet and hope to make the step up in contributing to building a DAO.

Echoed the point raised by MAK on operations. As a DAO, we need to find an effective way to making proposals, tallying votes and ensuring the system is robust enough that it is not prone to abuses.




I am from Singapore. Am a IT project manager.

What makes me want to be part of CitaDAO is that by bringing physical real estate on-chain, it can benefit commoners like me or anyone else in the world a chance to participate in the growth of Real Estate industry. It is no longer just something that a whale can do.

In addition, with RET, it is much more than a typical REIT where you can decide which real estate you are interested in and and how much you can afford to commit.

I have never been in a DAO before, so there is alot for me to learn.

Hope to contribute in whatever ways I am able to.



gm everyone, i’m Ray from Turkey. I have been in DAOs for a while now, i have heard CitaDAO from a friend in another DAO.

I am a full time contributor to DAOs, started with translations and growing into social media builder. I am actively working in the BanklessDAO Turkish Media Node and would like to contribute CitaDAO in the same direction.



hello, everyone, i’m icc from south.korea, and, postgraduate student major in finance.
Seeing that certain Dao activities influence the real economy or specific objects, I became interested in DAO. While studying with interest in DAO, I became interested because the most suitable dao for the asset valuation I am studying now was citadao. to grow the comunity, i think , have more AMAs with influencer, or be able to show the influence of citadao on dao. thats all my thinking . thank you


Hello everyone.

I first heard about CitaDAO from an interview on the ChainLINK youtube channel and the concept of putting Real Estate on Blockchain and then tokenizing it is something that I felt really unique. Although I have no idea/interest in how Real Estate works in real life, I read the complete documentation on the website and now I am more excited about this project.

I believe this project will solve the liquidity issue in the real estate market and I am here to help the DAO grow by contributing to it in the ways that I can.

Let’s work together and send this project to the moon.



Hi everyone! I’m Serdar from Turkey. I got introduced to CitaDAO through another project that I was creating content for. Right after my first research, I loved the idea behind CitaDAO. It truly excites me and I’m doing my best to be a part of this exciting journey. Only up! Thank you.


Hi Citadao team and everyone! I am Dr.Frank from US. I get referred by Moonsoon, one of my frequent partners in metaverse and DeFi. The idea behind the citadao is very promising. And initially I have raised the idea 2 years ago. Glad to see the blockchain tech moves to the biggest share of the economy of the whole world. For myself, I am a top 50 university PhD and am now working as Researcher in the industry.


I’m here because I need citadao ready like yesterday. Seriously :joy:

Jerome here,

I own a commercial building in Baltimore. Being able to use that as an asset on blockchain would be a game changer for me. I come from a business, i.T, and project management background. However, now I study blockchain dev and spend 6 hrs a day wondering twitter, telegram, Discord, YouTube, podcasts etc for any and all relevant info on crypto, nfts, DeFi etc.

We should grow this community by sharing as much as possible. I would love to see citadao clips on shorts like tiktok. I don’t think we’ll have any issue with growing the community. 10min into the Joel’s interview with chainlink, I was already joining the discord. I know I’m neck deep in blockchain but anyone in this space who understands how massive this will be, would have the same reaction I did.

I wanted to make this brief but I can’t help it I’m excited :laughing:.



Hi everyone,
The reason why I joined here is an accident. I was looking for a tokenized real estate project then.
I’m a Defi researcher in Tokeninsight now.

About growing the community, in my opinion, the result is what most people care. Maybe revealing some law document to prove this project is legal and government can accept it. If the project is transparent enough (I know you are), and can make enough money, people will come here automatically. I think that publishing some articles to the media is a good idea, especially around IRO in 2022/1/7.

btw, I have post an article in my mirror about Citadao.